ADCHN Course , Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Duration, Syllabus, Colleges & Job
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ADCHN Course , Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Duration, Syllabus, Colleges & Job

17 Aug,2020


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ADCHN Course:

Advanced Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking ADCHN course is a diploma course after 12th class. This course gives you knowledge in the field of computer hardware and Networking. Students who want to develop skill oriented knowledge in the field of computer networks and hardware should opt for this course. This course will help you in building your career in the field of IT industry.

Computer Hardware and Network consists of two subjects: computer hardware and computer networks. Computer hardware in the ADCHN course is related to the parts of the computer. In this subject you will study different computer parts, what are their functions and how they operate. You will also learn to repair them. This knowledge is of great importance in the IT industry.

Computer Networking means how computers are connected to other computers to share files and data. The computer network has great importance in every organization. It requires a good understanding of the subject to manage these networks. A computer network professional can create and manage computer networks. Also, they can troubleshoot any network problem.

Advanced Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking ADCHN course helps you to make your career in the IT industry. You can apply for different job profiles. In the beginning, your post and salary will be low. However, after getting experience and knowledge you will get a good salary and designation. Also, if you want, you can study further. Graduation courses are always an option after the diploma courses.

ADCHN Course Admission:

Students can take ADCHN course admission after they finish their 12th class. This is a diploma course which gives you practical knowledge and skill training related to computer hardware and networking. Different institutions offer this diploma course. So, you can take ADCHN course admission in these institutions after finishing your 12th class.

Students who want to take ADCHN course admission have to visit the institutions which offer this course. The admission procedure is similar to other diploma courses. The institution releases a registration form to the students who want to take admission in the ADCHN course. After checking the eligibility criteria, candidates have to submit the duly filled form to the institutions along with the form fees and the ADCHN course fees.

All the institutions follow the guidelines made by the AICTE. However, different institutions have different rules and regulations and features. Some institutions which offer ADCHN courses allow online registration. Candidates can fill the registration form through the official website of the institution. All the details will remain the same and the course will be the same as the offline fee.

The general steps to fill the registration form through the official website:

  • Visit the official website of the Institution.
  • Check the registration option in the menu bar on the homepage.
  • Click on the option and you will be directed to another page.
  • Fill the details required in the form and upload the documents.
  • After this pay, the form fees through the online payment mode available.
  • After completing the registration, you can pay the course fees either online or offline.

Eligibility, Fees, and Course Duration:

ADCHN course is a diploma course, however, you have to fulfill the minimum ADCHN Course eligibility criteria to take admission in the course. The minimum eligibility criteria is the minimum requirement set up by the AICTE to pursue this course. The ADCHN Course Eligibility criteria comprise different parameters like age limit, qualification requirement, minimum marks, etc.

  • Candidates must have completed the 10+2 from any stream, 10+ITI, or Graduation course of any stream.
  • They must have scored at least 50% marks in the 10+2/ITI/Graduation course.

The ADCHN course duration is 12 months. During this time period, candidates learn different concepts and develop different skills related to the Computer hardware and networking.

The ADCHN course fees are different in different institutions. It depends upon several factors, however, the minimum fees are around Rs. 40,000 for the complete course. You can pay the fees in either one time or in installments.

List of Some Computer Courses


ADCHN course syllabus teaches you all the important aspects of computer hardware and networking. It consists of subjects to teach you the basics and advances of the computer network. It also focuses on skill development because this is mainly a skill-oriented course. The subjects of this course may be different in different institutions. However, the difference is minor.

ADCHN course syllabus gives you all the important information. However, you will not get an in-depth knowledge of this field. This is a diploma course which gives enough knowledge and skill so that you can make your career in the field of networking. This course is skill-oriented means the major focus is given on skill development rather than rote learning.

ADCHN course syllabus of an institution is given below to give you a basic idea of the subjects.

Level 1: Computer Hardware

  • Information to working principle of devices
  • Memory
  • Motherboard
  • Power supply
  • Assembling, dis-assembling of pc
  • Cmos/bios study
  • Operating system and software installation
  • Configuring cards and devices
  • Dual operating system installation
  • Error identification
  • Troubleshooting
  • Virus protection & scanning

Level 2: Advance Computer Hardware And Internet

  • Complete Internet
  • File Systems Conversion
  • Disk Quota, Data Compression, Encryption
  • Partitions Management
  • Virtual Machines
  • Raid access of Hard disk
  • Disaster protection and Data Recovery

Level 3: Computer Networking

  • Introduction to Networking
  • Cabling topology
  • Protocols TCP/IP
  • Windows Firewall Settings
  • Different types of modems
  • Remote access
  • Internet Sharing
  • Performance management
  • Using Offline Files
  • Networking under windows 2000
  • Server client network
  • Active Directory Installation
  • Event Viewer
  • Internetworking and internet utilities
  • Layers of Networking

Level 4: Advance Computer Networking

  • Profiles Roaming/ Local
  • DHCP and DNS
  • MAC Address
  • Local Security Policies
  • Active Directory User Properties
  • MMC intro and Use
  • Terminal Services

Level 5: Computer Networking

  • Installation of LINUX Dual OS
  • KDE and GNOME
  • Managing users and Groups
  • Access Linux from Command Line Interface,
  • File Access Permissions (FAP)
  • Terminals & Run Levels of LINUX
  • Root Password Recovery, GRUB

Level 6: Basic Electronics (Electronic Components)

  • Resistance
  • Capacitor
  • Diode
  • Transformer
  • Coils
  • Transistor

Level 7: Computer Fundamentals & Digital Electronics

  • Introduction
  • Basic Computer Organization
  • Number Systems
  • Computer Codes
  • Computer Arithmetic 

Top Institutes for ADCHN Course:

There are different institutes that offer ADCHN courses to the students. These institutes are situated at different locations. Students can choose anyone according to their preference. The syllabus of the course may be different but it will be very minor. Most of the important subjects will be the same. All these institutions are not the same in terms of education, fees, placement, skill training, etc.

While taking admission in any of the institutions which offer Advanced Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking, you should consider some factors. These factors are applicable for every candidate. The first thing you should consider is the quality of education. This must be prior to placement. The diploma course is purely based on skill training. If an institution provides quality education, you should prefer that institution.

Another factor you should consider is the fees. The same course may be at different fees in different training centres. The fees depend upon the institution. The fees of the course is set by the AICTE but the additional charges are fixed by the institute. So, you should compare the course fees in different institutions.

Top Institutes for ADCHN Course:


Name of the Institution

Official website


National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Gorakhpur


Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi


University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad


Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad


National Institute of Technology, Calicut


G.L.S Institute of Computer Application, Ahmedabad


Xavier’s Institute of Computer Application, Ahmedabad


DAV College, Chandigarh


National Institute of Technology, Warangal


National Institute of Technology, Mangalore

ADCHN Course Scope and Career after ADCHN Course:

The ADCHN Course Scope is good. Today, every organisation needs a computer network. They want professionals who can manage these networks and troubleshoot the issues that arise. So, the demand for students with ADCHN courses is high. They can easily make their career in multiple industries. They should have good subject knowledge, skills, and experience.

After completing the ADCHN course, students can also continue their study in the field of computer hardware and networking. If you want to get deep knowledge of computer hardware and networking and become a skilled professional in your field, you can take admission in a graduation course. A candidate with a degree in a field is suitable for higher post and salary than a usual diploma holder.

ADCHN course gives you good knowledge of the hardware and networking. So, you can also start your own business. This is the best option for those candidates who don’t want to work in an organisation. The organisations have their own set of rules and regulations. Sometimes these protocols snatches the freedom of an employee. So, you can sell your service under your own name and become a freelancer.After completing ADCHN course, you have a diploma related to the IT industry. So, you can easily make your career in these companies.

Some of the top companies which offer the highest salaries are listed below:


Company Name

Annual Salary


HCL Technologies ltd.

2.5 - 4 lakhs


Larsen & Toubro Infotech

2.6 - 3.9 lakhs


Mindtree ltd.

2.1 - 4 lakhs



2.3 - 4.5 lakhs


Mphasis ltd.

2.6 - 4.3 lakhs


Infosys ltd.

2.2 - 4.5 lakhs


Tata Consultancy Service ltd.

2.2 - 3.9 lakhs


Tech Mahindra ltd.

2.7 - 4.7 lakhs


Wipro ltd.

2 - 3.7 lakhs


Quess corp ltd.

2.5 - 3.9 lakhs


Jobs after ADCHN Course:

After completing the ADCHN course, students become eligible to work in different industries. They gain the required knowledge and develop skills related to their field. Every student wants a decent job in a reputed company. They want to work with the professionals of their field and make their career. Similarly companies want professionals who have good subject knowledge and a required skill set.

Banks: Banks require a secure network. They deal with transactions of the money and important information of the customer. So, they must have a hardware and network specialist who can fix any issue related to the computer network and hardware. Therefore, banks have a great requirement for skilled professionals So, students after completing ADCHN courses can make a good career in banks.

Hospitals: In the hospitals computers are used for various purposes. Every advanced hospital has their own LAN. So, they need someone who can manage this Local Area Network. Also, there is a requirement for a profession who can fix the hardware issues in various computer devices. So, you can make a good career as a hardware and network specialist in hospitals.

Academic Institutions: Today, every school has their own wi fi network for the education purpose. The schools require networks to share different files and data. So, they are constantly working with computer networks. Academic institutions have a small network still they need a skilled professional who can manage the hardware and computer networks and troubleshoot all the issues.

Companies: All the IT companies are working with computers and use LAN for internet access. They use a large number of computer networks for transferring files and documents. So, they have a great demand for a network specialist.

Job Role


Technical support Engineer

A Technical support engineer helps the customer to diagnose the software and hardware problems. They also guide the customer in installing or running a software or an application.

System Administrator

They monitor the performance of computer systems. They install and configure the software and hardware to properly function the network.

Network Support

A Network support engineer maintains the communications and file sharing between systems. They also maintain the general IT resources.

Chief Information Officer

The controls the IT unit to achieve the desired objective. They prepare plans, and set up different goals for the department. They implement suitable strategies for the benefit of the organisation.


A simple technician resolves all the issues in different hardware components which are used in the organisation. They also design some special arrangements for proper functioning of the networks.

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