BCom Computer Application Course - Check Course Fees, Admission, Eligibility, Duration, Institute, Career & Scope
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B.Com Computer Application Course - Check Course Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Institute, Career & Scope

01 Apr,2020


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B.Com Computer Application Course: B.Com Computer Application Course is a three-year bachelor’s degree course outlined to impart advanced learning to students in the stream of Commerce, particularly involving the application of software technology for professional requirements, merging the educational specialties of Commerce & Computer Applications.

B.Com Computer Science Course: Highlights

➥ Degree Type: Bachelors Degree
➥ Full-Form of course: Bachelor of Commerce Computer Application
➥ B.Com Computer Science Course Duration: 3 Years
➥ Age limit for B.Com Computer Science Course: No specific age limit Stated
➥ Minimum Percentage required: 50% marks
➥ Subjects necessarily required: 10+2 from a Recognized Educational Board preferably commerce or science subjects
➥ Average Fees cost: INR 10K - 90K per annum
➥ Similar Options of Study are available: B.Com Finance, B.Com Corporate Secretaryship, B.Com Accountancy, etc.
➥ Approx Salary Offered after B.Com Computer Science Course: INR 5L per annum
➥ Employment Roles: Executive Assistant, Accountant, Senior Accountant, Senior Account Executive, Operations Manager, Account Executive, Chartered Accountant, Account Manager, Financial Analyst, Finance Manager, etc.
➥ Placement Opportunities in companies: Chase & Co, HDFC Bank Pvt Ltd, WNS Global Services, HCL Technologies Ltd., Amazon.com Inc, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Wipro Technologies Ltd, Ernst & Young, J.P. Morgan  Deloitte, Ocwen LLC, etc.

B.Com Computer Science Course: Overview

This course seeks an innovative modern syllabus of study. On successful completion of the course, passed graduates interested in pursuing higher studies in the commerce stream may go for pursuing MBA Course, MCA, M.Com, M.Com, CA, ACCA, MIB, or MSW in the subject.

Various subjects are covered in this field which includes subjects such as Business Organization, Computer Analysis, Fundamentals of Computers, E-Commerce, Cost Accounting, etc. It prepares its students with a wide variety of skills and ensures that they become competent in the field of Computer Applications all the while developing their business acumen alongside.

The B.Com Computer Applications Course is a skill-based undergraduate degree that helps students to gain expertise in the two top fields of the modern world that is, Commerce and Computers.

Bachelor of Commerce Computer Application Course is a culmination of the fields of Computers and Commerce. Subjects of study covered in the course’s educational program include:

  • Business Organization
  • E-Commerce
  • Cost Computer Application
  • Financial Computer Application
  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • Business Computer Application Software
  • Internet and Web Designing
  • Banking Theory
  •  Banking Law and Banking Practice, essentially

This is a specialized degree program that imparts students expert knowledge in the area and prepares them for lucrative employment as Commerce experts, Managers, Accountant, etc.

The course motive is to produce qualified, skilled, and trained personnel for fields such as:

  • banking
  • insurance
  • Computer Application
  • stock markets
  • e-commerce
  • marketing, besides
  • teaching jobs in universities and colleges

Bachelor of Commerce B.Com in Computer Application is a 3-year academic year degree course which is of 6 semesters and each semester is of 6 months each and may also vary from place to place. It may be implemented on a part-time basis by certain institutions.

B.Com Computer Application Course Graduates will have:

  • Ability to create and invent things
  • Knowledge of technology
  • Interest in mathematics and science
  • familiarity with programming and computer hardware/software by the end of the course.

On completing the degree course candidates can discover many B.Com Computer Science Course jobs and opportunities in distinctive fields, or who aspire to go for teaching fields at higher degree level i.e. college & university level both in private & government organizations are a good match for it.

The B.Com Computer Application Course candidates will have a comprehensive knowledge of the core commercial and computer subjects which include:

  • E-Commerce
  • Cost Computer Application
  • Financial Computer Application
  • Computers
  • Circuits Design
  • Modeling, etc.

What is the Bachelor of Commerce Computer Application Course?

  • B.Com Computer Application Course is a combination of Computers and Commerce, in order to solve the work associated with accounts and programming.
  • Computer Application is a study of theoretical procedures which are designed to help the user to perform specific tasks.
  • The B.Com ComputerApplication the theoretical and practical study of subjects like:
    • Business Organization
    • E-Commerce
    • Cost Computer Application
    • Financial Computer Application
    • Fundamentals of Computers
    • Internet and Web Designing
    • Banking Theory
    • Banking Law and Banking Practice, etc.

It prepares students in fields of:

  • Computer Application principles
  • Export & import laws
  • Economic policies
  • Other aspects that impact trade and business
  • The program aims at exposing the students to become world-class professionals in the area of study, thereby taking up challenging work efficiently.

Who should Choose the B.Com Computer Application Course?

Applicant possessing:

    • Interest inaptitude for technology, Mathematics, & Science.
    • Know-How of programming and computer hardware and software.
    • Adequate knowledge of core electrical and computer subjects such as electronics, electrical systems, computers, circuits, design, & modeling, are suitable for this course.

B.Com Computer Application Course Fees:

B.Com Computer Application Course Fees is the next thing to discuss with you. As already stated above that the Fees of this course ranges between INR 10,000 to INR 90,000. The fees range is based on the type of college of the institute to which the students are seeking admissions to. The top colleges providing placements and additional services charge more fees. So it is advised to the students that they choose their colleges wisely and read the brochure thoroughly. 

B.Com Computer Application Course Eligibility:

The B.Com Computer Application Course Eligibility may be different for various colleges, however, the minimum requirement to pursue this course is as follows:

  • Candidates must have completed their 10+2 or an equivalent degree from a recognized board.
  • The candidate must have passed from the Commerce stream with subjects as, Accountancy, Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies as main subjects. 
  • They must have scored a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in their 10+2 board exam.
B.Com Computer Applications Admission Process:

The admission process for the course is diverse, as various institutes have their very own and personalized criteria and methods of admission. Admission to the course is often based on the candidate’s marks in merit at the 10+2 level, and sometimes, on the candidate’s performance in a related entrance exam, followed by a step of counseling, based on performance in which, students are admitted.

Some points to keep in mind for procuring admission in the course:

  • Admission to the B.Com Computer Application Course program is merit-based, Candidates who are seeking admission in the Bachelor of Commerce Computer Application Course should already have their results from their previous education.
  • Admission Statements can be availed either from the University website or by visiting the Admissions Office of the same.
  • Candidates will have to fill out the essential details in a match with the existing documents.
  • Some colleges may also administer private entrance examinations, which would be followed by a personal interview in order to ascertain the strengths of the applicant who wishes to avail of the program.
  • All other information and details of the test, admission and course outline can be availed from the college website.
B.Com Computer Application Course Duration:

B.Com Computer Application Course Duration is the next thing to discuss with you. As already discussed with you people that this course is of 3 - year full-time duration and is divided into 6 semesters and each semester is of 6 months each. Each year of the course consists of 2 semesters.

A semester-wise bifurcation of the course’s syllabus is listed below:

1st Semester 2nd Semester
Language - 1 Introduction to Information Technology
Language - 2 Managerial Economics
Principles of Accountancy E-Commerce
Principles of Management Income tax law & Practice
Company Law Computer Application Practical 1
HTML & Javascript -
3rd Semester 4th Semester
Financial Computer Application Industrial Law
Marketing Management Financial Computer Application
Executive Business Communication Cost Computer Application
Banking Theory Law & Practice Management Information System
Technical Writing Corporate Computer Application -1
Database Management System Computer Application Practical -2
5th Semester 6th Semester
Cost & Management Computer Application Computer Information System
C ++ language OOPS with C++
Management of Computer Application Java Programming
Business Statistics Internet & Web designing
Business Mathematics Software Development & Visual Basic
B.Com Computer Application Course Top Colleges:

There are many Bachelor of Commerce Computer Application Course Top colleges that provide this course. However, students must choose a college that suits their personal and financial needs. Apart from that, they should also have a look at their course curriculum and how much exposure is encouraged for students.

Tabulated below are some of the top institutes extending the course in the country with the corresponding places and fees imposed by each institute:

Colleges Name City or Place Approx. Fees in INR
Prestige Institute of Management Dewas 25,000
VIT University Vellore 37,000
Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies Indore 20,000
Periyar Maniammai University Tanjore 25,000
VELS University Chennai 10,500
Karpagam University Coimbatore 23,000
Kakatiya University Warangal 5,000
Besant Theosophical College Chittoor 5,000
Goutham College of Science Bangalore 45,000
Chitransh ADPG College Bhopal 11,000
MATS University Raipur 12,500
DAV Centenary College Faridabad 24,500
AJK College of Arts & Science Coimbatore 17,000
SASTRA University Thanjavur 15,000
SDGs College Anantapur 70,000
Vaage Vi Degree & PG College Warangal 15,000
B.Com Computer Applications Course Comparison Chart:

The table below shows the public and private institutes and their B.Com Computer Application Course Fee.

Public Colleges Private Colleges
Average Fee Charged: Rs. 39, 000/- Average Fee Charged: Rs. 62,000/-

The table below shows the average fee charged by colleges who provide B.Com Computer Application as according to some of the states so that students get an idea of how much is charged for the course in different colleges.

State B.Com Computer Application Course Fee
Tamil Nadu Public Colleges: Rs. 57,000/-
Private Colleges: Rs. 69,000/-
Madhya Pradesh Public Colleges: Rs. 36,000/-
Private Colleges: Rs. 61,000/-
Kerala Public Colleges: Rs. 34,000/-
Private Colleges: Rs. 62,000/-
Andhra Pradesh Public Colleges: Rs. 24,000/-
Private Colleges: Rs. 30,000/-
Maharashtra Public Colleges: Rs. 24,000/-
Private Colleges: Rs. 30,000/-
Haryana Public Colleges: Rs. 37,000/-
Private Colleges: Rs. 55,000/-
Karnataka Public Colleges: Rs. 16,000/-
Private Colleges: Rs. 43,000/-
Chattisgarh Public Colleges: Rs. 7,000/-
Private Colleges: Rs. 45,000/-
Gujarat Public Colleges: Rs. 17,000/-
Private Colleges: Rs. 64,000/-
B.Com Computer Application Course Scope:

B.Com Computer Application Course Scope is the next thing to discuss with you people. The graduates can find Bachelor of Commerce Computer Application Course job opportunities in different environments such as:

  • University
  • Research
  • Private and public industries
  • Government departments
  • Graduates can also work as programmers, web developers & e-commerce specialists with Telecommunication, Automotive, Aerospace, etc. industries that build or use computer-based systems.
  • Candidates can go for higher postgraduate programs in respective B.Com Computer Science fields or for further research work.
Some of the Job Positions for the B.Com Computer Applications Course are:

☛ Mobile Application Developer: Expert in software development, they build apps and programs specifically for the mobile market. The updates of Android or IOS, apps, software updates are all made by mobile developers.

☛ Finance Manager: The job role and position of a finance manager are very important, since a company's financial growth, profit, and even losses are in the hands of financial managers. They analyze financial trends and forecast outcomes that may prove to be profitable or even make a loss for the company.

☛ Computer Programmer: A computer Programmer is an expert in the field of computer languages, such as Java Query, C++, Python Course, etc. They write programs for a variety of computers and also update and expand existing programs through code libraries, etc.

☛ Computer Operator: A computer operator oversees many aspects of computers including the operation and maintenance of the computer hardware systems. They are responsible for checking for viruses, backing up tapes, upgrading software, etc.

☛ Budget Analyst: A budget analyst is a person who is responsible for reviewing the company’s annual or even monthly budget for mistakes, inaccuracy, false data, etc. They prepare budget reports and alongside keep an eye on the expenditures. They make the budget for the company and ensure that it is according to the laws and regulations as prescribed.

Job Profile After B.Com Computer Application Course:

Job Profile After B.Com Computer Application Course is the next topic to discuss with you, students. This is a specialized degree curriculum that imparts students expert knowledge in the area and prepares them for profitable employment as Commerce experts, Managers, Accountant, etc.

The course motive is to produce qualified, skilled, and trained personnel for fields such as:

  • banking,
  • insurance,
  • Computer Application,
  • stock markets,
  • e-commerce, and
  • marketing, besides
  • teaching jobs in universities and colleges.

On completing the degree course candidates can discover many B.Com Computer Application Course jobs and opportunities in distinctive fields, or who aspire to go for teaching fields at higher degree level i.e. college and university both in private and government institutions are a good match for it. Some of the famous professional avenues open to such graduates are listed below with the corresponding salaries awarded for the respective positions.

1) AUDITORS: They perform internal control schemes by analyzing records, reports, operating practices, and documentation. They verify assets & liabilities by comparing items to documentation. They also perform audit work papers by documenting audit tests and findings.


2) COMPUTER OPERATOR: A Computer Operator manages the maintenance and operation of computer hardware systems. They check the console of the mainframe digital computer. They monitor for viruses, backup tapes, upgrade software, and perform other basic technical maintenance-related roles.


3) MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPER: They are Software Developers that specialize in mobile technology. They build apps for Google's Android, Apple's iOS & Microsoft's Windows Phone platforms. Job titles for this type of function also include Android developers and iOS developers.


4) COMPUTER PROGRAMMER: Computer Programmers compose programs in a variety of computer languages, such as C++ and Java. These people update and expand already existing programs., use code libraries, which are combinations of independent lines of code, to simplify writing.


5) BUDGET ANALYST: They are responsible for generating an organization's budget. They review the management's budget proposals for completeness, accuracy, and compliance with laws & other regulations. They prepare budget reports & monitor institutional expenditure.


6) FINANCE MANAGER: Duties of a Finance Manager cover reviewing financial reports, monitoring accounts, and preparing activity reports. They foretell financial forecasts & investigate ways to improve profitability. They investigate markets for business opportunities, such as expansion, mergers, or acquisitions.


7) BUSINESS CONSULTANT: They are also identified as Management Analysts, & work in areas that include marketing, human resources, management, and Computer Application. They help repair companies by assessing weaknesses and recommending solutions.


B.Com Computer Applications Course: Why Should You Study This?

The B.Com Computer Applications Course is suitable for candidates who wish to have a career in the IT field and in the financial field. They can pursue higher studies or get into research work or internships from abroad. They can find a wide array of jobs in the fields of e-commerce, as web developers, finance managers, etc. They can become specialists in computer-based programs through practical training and embark on a higher job position and salary. There are many employment areas where graduates of B.Com Computer Applications can attain jobs, areas such as educational institutes as teachers and professors, web-designing sites and IT industry, banking sector, computer repair shops, and industry, etc.


Here we have provided you with our best efforts all the necessary information regarding the B.Com. Computer Application Course. We wish that this information would help and guide you, students, to choose their career paths wisely and can take the right & appropriate calculative career decision accordingly. We hope our best to you for your career & future endeavors. We have tried really hard to provide all the information regarding the B.Com. Computer Application Course, B.Com. Computer Application Course Fees, B.Com. Computer Application Course Duration, B.Com. Computer Application Course Eligibility, B.Com. Computer Application Course Institutes, B.Com. Computer Application Course Scope, Job Profile after B.Com. Computer Application Course.

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