B.Tech Mining Engineering Course - Check Course Fees, Admission, Duration, Scope, and Salary
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B.Tech Mining Engineering Course - Check Course Fees, Admission, Duration, Scope, and Salary

02 Mar,2020


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There are various career opportunities in this field. This sector has a great scope. So it is good to make a career in this field. One course which ensures a successful career in this field is the B.Tech Mining Engineering Course.

B.Tech Mining Engineering Course: Highlights

➥ Course: B.Tech Mining Engineering
➥ Type: Graduation
➥ Duration: 4 years
➥ Examination type: Semester wise
➥ Eligibility: 12th class or Diploma course

Details of B.Tech Mining Engineering Course:

➥ Mining is one of the main activities which influences the economy of a country. In India also mining has a great contribution to the economy. India is one of the largest exporters of minerals. This sector employs around 6-7 lakhs of individuals.

➥ Mining Engineering is the branch of engineering in which you learn about various technologies, practices, principles, and applications to extract minerals and ores from the earth’s surface and separate them into single minerals. This branch also comprises some subjects of mechanical and civil engineering.

➥ A mining engineer is a professional who knows various technologies and practices required to extract minerals from the underneath of the ground. They may have different job roles.

➥ B.Tech mining engineering is a 4-year undergraduate course. It is similar to other engineering courses. You will study all the concepts, principles, and technologies related to Mining Engineering. And you will also perform some practicals to learn the subjects.

Eligibility and Duration of B.Tech Mining Engineering Course:

Before taking admission into this course, you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria.

  1. You should have passed the 12th class with a minimum percentage of 60%.
  2. You should have opted for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Also, English is a compulsory subject
  3. For Lateral entry, Candidates should have finished their diploma course with a minimum percentage of 60%.

The B.Tech Mining Engineering Duration of this course is 4 years which is similar to other engineering branches. Also, it is only possible if you have qualified all the subjects until these 4 years. If you don’t qualify for all the subjects until these 4 years, the duration of this course may extend.

Lateral entry students are directly promoted to 2nd year. So, the duration is only 3 years for them. The reason for this short duration is that during the first year, students study all the basic subjects which they already have studied in their Diploma Course.

Top B.Tech Mining Engineering Colleges:

➥ What happens if you study the most trending and in-demand course from an institution which doesn’t teach you the concepts and gives you proper training. You would end up ruining your career. Also, you would ruin your time and money.

➥ So, just like the right course, it is equally important to choose the right college which provides you with the chance to make a better future.

➥ Mining engineering is a field where without proper guidance and training, you can not become successful.

Below is a list of top colleges which provide B.Tech Mining Engineering at an affordable price:

College Name Avg. Fees Structure
J P Institute of Engineering and Technology, Meerut 3,71,308 Rs. for 4 years
Naraina Group of Institutions, Kanpur 3,04,000 Rs. for 4 years
IPEM Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad 1,66,500 Rs. for 4 years
Rama University, Kanpur 4,80,000 Rs for 4 years
K P Group of Institutions, Agra 3,31,000 Rs for 4 years
Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut 3,15,600 Rs. for 4 years
Krishna Institute of Technology, Kanpur 3,38,000 Rs. for 4 years
Kite School of Engineering and Technology, Meerut 2,46,000 Rs. for 4 years
Vindhya Institute of Technology and Science, Allahabad 1,84,000 Rs. for 4 years
G L Bajaj Group of Institution, Mathura 3,34,000 Rs. for 4 years
Admission Process to the B.Tech Mining Engineering Course:

There are several options to take admission into B. Tech mining engineering. You can choose any one of them according to your choice.

Through Entrance Exams:

➥ The best option to take admission to the right college is through entrance exams.  There are various kinds of mining engineering exams.

➥ JEE Mains is an entrance exam conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). This entrance exam is designed to take admission in engineering and architecture courses in India. You can apply for this exam to take admission to a college that accepts JEE Mains Scores.

➥ IIT and NIT are the top engineering institutions of India. And to take admission in IITs and NITs, you have to crack JEE Advanced.

Some colleges which offer B.Tech Mining Engineering Courses conduct their own entrance exam. So, to take admission to such colleges you have to check their website and apply for their entrance exam.

Through Merit-Based:

If you don’t apply for any exam, you have an option for direct admission into a private college. The fees of private colleges are usually high but they give you a good education. another option.

Job Profiles and Areas after B.Tech Mining Engineering Course:
Job Profile Roles
Operation supervisor An operation supervisor is a person who is responsible to manage the whole mining operation.
Research Engineer They check the quality and quantity of minerals. They perform experiments to analyze the area of mining.
Mineral processing engineer A mineral processing engineer performs the separation of minerals from ore.
Mineral Explorer They check the availability of minerals and their quality and quantity.
Mine planner He is responsible for the planning of every operation related to mining.
Chief Mining engineer A chief Mining Engineer is the main engineer who is responsible to extract the mineral from the ore.
Technical Consultant Their job role is to use advanced mining technology for the storage of Data.
Salary Packages after B.Tech Mining Engineering Course:

Salary is the most important thing in any job. You prefer a job which provides you with a high salary. The salary package depends upon the scope of the field, job roles, and experience in the industry.

Some Top recruiters for B.Tech Mining Engineering in India and the salary offered by them are as follows. You can take an idea about the salary of professionals in this field.

Company Designation Monthly salary
Tata Steels Mining Engineer 70-80k/ Month
Coal India Mining Engineer 55-65k/ Month
Hindustan Zinc Limited Mining Engineer 43-55k/ Month
Ambuja Cements Mining Engineer 48-56k/ Month
Vedanta Resources Mining Engineer 52-60k/ Month
JK Cement Mining Engineer 42-49k/ Month
Indsil Hydro Mining Engineer 56-65k/ Month
Sandur Manganese Mining Engineer 50-66k /Month
Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited Mining Engineer 68-80/ Month
Steel and Industrial Forging limited Mining Engineer 45-58k/ Month
Skills and Qualities Required for B.Tech Mining Engineering Course:

The main reason why students are not fit for the industry is the lack of skills. These skills are the benchmark of your ability. Companies hire those candidates who have the required set of skills. So, you need to develop these skills if you want to make it in this field.

Some skills which you should learn in your B.Tech mining engineering are as follows:

Analytical skills: Mining is a field where every new day brings a new problem. So, you should have good analytical skills. This skill is required to gather information and use it to solve the problem.

Mathematical calculations: Engineering is calculation and mining is no different from it. You should be able to perform various calculations related to the project.

Good knowledge of mining subjects: You should also have a good command of the mining subjects. You should have learned all the concepts and principles related to this field. So, you can solve any mining-related problem using this knowledge.

Management skills: Managing is a very important task in any field. An engineer should be able to manage different things. You should be able to manage the workforce and staff to achieve the goal. 

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