Hotel Management Courses After 12th - Fees, Admission, Duration, Colleges & Scope
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Hotel Management Courses After 12th - Get Details

11 Dec,2018


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There is no essence that all students should take medical or non-medical courses after completion of their higher secondary exams (12th Standard). In today’s era, when there is so much competition between students for getting admission in the top-notch institutes across the country, there are certain students who couldn’t make it to that level.

So what is the career and employment scope for those students? Should they opt for courses related to the medical and non-medical fields from poor-quality institutes that have low academic quality and poor placement records? The answer is No! In our content, we will be discussing a course that has huge employment opportunities yet is not related to the medical or non-medical field.

Why We Choose Hotel Management Courses After 12th:

We are talking about hotel management courses that can be pursued after the successful completion of the 12th standard examinations. The scope of employment and growth after pursuing this course is extremely vast thanks to globalization which is giving opportunities to employees related to tourism and hotels.

The best thing about pursuing a hotel management course is that you do not have to score high marks in exams after completing your 12th class examination. Qualified professionals will find it pretty easy to score decent-paying jobs after completion of hotel management courses.

The courses in hotel management Courses After 12th are programmed to train students in the field of hotels and tourism. There is enough scope to scale the stairs of success if you have the potential to rise in the hotel management sector. You can be an entrepreneur and start your own business too! We will try to analyze each course and cover critical characteristics such as subjects, eligibility criteria, the time duration of course, and scope of employment.

List of Management Courses
B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course B.Com Management Studies Course
Hospitality Management Courses Management Certificate Courses
Retail Management Course People Management Course
Short Term Management Courses Marketing Management Course
Operations Management Course Diploma in Hotel Management Course
Diploma In Business Management MBA Hospitality Management Course
MBA Hotel Management Course MBA Operations Management Course

List of Hotel Management Courses:

Students can pursue a degree, diploma, and certification courses in hotel management. For the time being, we are listing bachelor's and degree programs for hotel management courses After 12th.

S.No. Course Name Duration Eligibility criteria
1. BHMCT (Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology) 4 years After 12th (10+2)
2. BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) 4 years After 12th (10+2)
3. B.Sc in Culinary Arts 3 years After 12th (10+2)
4. BBA - Hotel Management 3 years After 12th (10+2)
5. B.Sc in Culinary Arts 3 years After 12th (10+2)
6. B.Sc. in Hotel Management and Catering Technology 3 years After 12th (10+2)
7. B.A in Hotel and Event Management 3 years After 12th (10+2)
8. B.Sc. Hotel & Hospitality Management 3 years After 12th (10+2)
9. Bachelors in Hospitality Management 4 years After 12th (10+2)
10. B.Sc in Hotel and Catering Management 3 years After 12th (10+2)
11. B.Com. + Diploma in Hotel Management Catering Technology and Tourism 3 years After 12th (10+2)
12. B.Sc. in Restaurant & Catering Management 3 years After 12th (10+2)
13. B.Sc. (Hons) in International Hospitality Management 3 years After 12th (10+2)
14. B.Sc. in Hotel Management (Lateral Entry) 2 years After 12th (10+2)
15. B.Sc. Resort & Event Management 3 years After 12th (10+2)
16. Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology 3 years After 12th (10+2)
17. B.Sc. in Catering Science and Hotel Management 3 years After 12th (10+2)
18. B.Sc in Hospitality and hotel administration 3 years After 12th (10+2)
19. B.Sc in Hotel Management, Catering and Tourism 3 years After 12th (10+2)

List of Diploma Hotel Management Courses After 12th:

Apart from degree programs, there are certain diploma and certification programmes that are generally short in time duration but still, these courses can be beneficial for any applicant in the hotel management sector.

S.No. Course Name Duration Eligibility Criteria
1. Diploma in Hotel Management 1 Year After 12th (10+2)
2. Diploma – Food Production   1 Year After 12th (10+2)
3. Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology 3 Years After 12th (10+2)
4. Diploma – Bakery and Confectionery 1 Year After 12th (10+2)
5. Advance Diploma in International Culinary Arts 2 Years After 12th (10+2)
6. Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management (ADHM) 1 Year After 12th (10+2)
7. Certificate Program in Food Production 3 Year After 12th (10+2)
8. Diploma in Hotel and Culinary 1 Year After 12th (10+2)
9. Diploma in Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Tourism (DHMCTT) 1 Year After 12th (10+2)
10. Diploma in Bakery 1 Year After 12th (10+2)
11. Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management (GDHM) 3 Year After 12th (10+2)
12. Executive Diploma in Hotel Management (EDHM) 1 Year After 12th (10+2)

Eligibility Criteria for Hotel Management Courses After 12th:

There are no specific criteria to acquire admission in hotel management courses after 12th. But if you want to pursue hotel management courses from a good college, then the minimum eligibility can be counted as 50 % marks in aggregate in the 12th standard. There are certain colleges that have their own entrance exams to attain admission in hotel management courses. We will try to cover up all the details related to eligibility criteria and entrance exams for hotel management courses. If you have a good command of language and communication skills, it can certainly help you to scale ladders of success in the future.

  • Minimum 50 % marks in 12th standard from a recognized state or central board.
  • Students can opt for degree programmes, diplomas, or certification courses in hotel management.
  • Degree programmes are generally (3-4) years of time duration whereas diploma and certification programmes can vary from a few months to two years.  
  • In order to get admission to govt hotel management colleges, you have to clear the common entrance test whereas there are certain private universities that have their own entrance exam.
  • Applicant should be at least 17 years of age.
  • To avail of Bachelors or programs in hotel management, the candidate has to clear entrance exams like AIMA, UGAT, NCHM JEE, IIHM  & CHAT.
  • Other entrance exams that can deliver admissions in the top universities in India include IPU CET BHMCT, Oberoi Step in, UPSEE BHMCT, and IHA.
  • The most popular and top-notch universities that produce excellent academic and placement records include IHM Guwahati, D'AIHM Chandigarh, IHM Delhi, IHM Bhopal, IHM Bangalore, SIHM Kozhikode, and SRM IHM Chennai.

Average Fee Structure for Hotel Management Courses-

  • The fee structure for hotel management can vary in different colleges. However, the average course fee for a full-time hotel management course can vary from 2 to 8 lakh.
  • If you want to avail of correspondence courses for hotel management, the average fees can vary between 40 thousand to 2 lakh.
  • The average full-time academic fee for post-graduation courses in hotel management can vary from 1 to 7 lakh whereas the distance learning fee for hotel management courses can vary between 30 to 80 k.  

List of Top Hotel Management colleges:

  1. Institute of Hotel Management Pusa
  2. Institute of Hotel Management Mumbai
  3. Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration Karnataka
  4. Institute of Hotel Management, Maharashtra
  5. Institute of Hotel Management Bangalore
  6. Christ College Bangalore
  7. Institute of Hotel Management, Chennai
  8. Institute of Hotel Management Hyderabad
  9. Amrapali Institute of Hotel Management, Haldwani
  10. Institute of Hotel Management Gwalior
  11. Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management Catering & Nutrition, Chandigarh
  12. Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition, Ahmedabad
  13. Jagannath Institute of Management Science, Delhi
  14. Institute of Hotel Management Catering & Nutrition
  15. Rizvi College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Mumbai
  16. Hotel & Catering Management Institute, Chandigarh
  17. M.A.Rangoonwala Institute of Hotel Management and Research, Pune
  18. Advanced Information & Management Studies (AIMS), Bengal

Entrance Exams for Hotel Management Courses After 12th-

Generally, there is JEE (Joint entrance examination) that is conducted to pursue a course in the hospitality and tourism sector which is conducted by National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT). We will try to define other entrance exams that you can crack to apply for admission in various hotel management institutes in India.

    • UPSEE BHMCT - Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology is a state-level exam which is conducted by UPTU ( UTTAR PRADESH TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY) for students to enroll in hotel management programmes. This online entrance exam is conducted in mid-April every year. Interested candidates can apply for this exam which holds 13 state universities/ colleges participating in this test.
    • PUTHAT - Punjab University Tourism & Hospitality Aptitude test is conducted by Punjab university every year to offer admission in courses like and bachelors degree programmes in hotel management. However, the minimum criteria to enroll for this entrance exam is a minimum 50 % aggregate in all subjects in the 12th standard.
    • AIHMCT WAT - Army Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Written Admission Test is held every year in the month of may every year. However, candidates who are interested in acquiring a bachelor's degree from AIHMCT institutes have to register themselves way before in the month of March.
    • GNIHM JET - Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management is one of the primary institutes for hotel management that conducts the joint entrance test for hotel management applicants.  GNIHM JET for the year 2019 will be held on 19th May 2020. Interested candidates can apply for this entrance exam with the minimum eligibility of 60 % in the 12th standard. Various exam centers for this exam will be located in Kolkata, Patna, Ranchi, Siliguri, Chennai, New Delhi, and Chandigarh.
  • Oberoi STEP - Systematic Training and Education Programme (STEP) is a three-year programme under the Oberoi group of hotels. This programme offers practical training in various hotels of the Oberoi group to students and after the successful completion of the programme, students are placed in the core operational departments of Oberoi hotels.  The programme is based on a focus on two streams; food and beverage service and housekeeping. Interested applicants can apply for this programme in the month of Feb whereas the entrance exam is commenced in the month of April.
  • National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint Entrance Examination (NCHMCT JEE) - NCHMCT is an autonomous body operated by the govt. of India for the growth and development of hospitality education in the country.  It is the portal for admission in the 21 state and 15 central affiliated Indian institutes of hotel management (IIHM) which is considered as the most reputed institute for hotel management trainees. The registration process starts in the month of Dec whereas the entrance examination takes effect in the month of April.
  • MAH HM CET - Maharashtra Hotel Management Common Entrance Test (MAH HM CET) is an online entrance examination that is conducted by the Directorate of technical education Maharashtra to offer admissions in hotel management and catering technology programme. This online examination is conducted in various cities across India with the minimum eligibility of passing the 12th standard with 50 % marks. Students can register themselves in the month of April whereas the entrance examination is conducted in the month of May.
  • IIHM eChat - It is an online national level entrance examination which is conducted by IIHM.  eCHAT stands for the electronic common aptitude test which is conducted to offer admission in the top-notch universities and colleges for hotel management. This entrance examination is based on three stages. If the candidate cleared the written exam, then group discussion and personal interview rounds are conducted. The minimum eligibility to crack this entrance examination is passing the 12th standard (10+2) with 60 % marks in aggregate.
  • Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa Entrance Test - It is a private entrance examination for the time duration of four years in a bachelor’s programme conducted by a swiss affiliated hotel. Students can also pursue a one-year advanced culinary program if they meet the eligibility criteria (degree/diploma) or equivalent. Students have to clear personal interviews and GD rounds if they are shortlisted for the written exam.
Career opportunities and job growth in Hotel Management-

Hotel management is an industry that is taking over the international market at a rapid growth thanks to globalization. This field has an outspread are of employment scope in India and abroad. With numerous big and small hotels opening every day, the demand for well-trained hotel management professionals is increasing globally thus making it a money-making and worthwhile profession.

However, if you want to succeed in this field, you need to be serene with good communication skills. There are numerous jobs and career opportunities in this field. The scope of employment and job growth thus depends on your education and experience. According to a survey, there are more than three million people working in the hotel management industry globally.

The number of job opportunities is gonna get higher up to 10 million in the next five to seven years. So if you are thinking of joining the hotel management industry by pursuing a degree, you are going in the right direction. The career in hotel management is not just limited to hotels and restaurants, it can extend to various areas like  Forest Lodges, Clubs, Airlines and Cabin Services, Guest Houses, Resorts, Railways, Banks, Shipping Companies, cruise ships, casinos, etc. Following are some of the job profiles under the hotel management industry;

  • Stewards
  • Executive Chefs
  • Floor Supervisor
  • Front office manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Marketing & Sales Manager
  • Restaurant and Food Service Manager

These are a few of the countless job profiles in the hotel management industry. So if you follow a hotel management career, the chances are extremely high of a high-paying job and a better life. Following is the brief description of the functionalities of these job profiles ;

  1. Stewards - Steward is a job in the hotel management industry that involves the establishment of a quality dining experience except for cooking the food. They are responsible for keeping the equipment of the kitchen in a good shape. The primary job of a steward involves few tasks such as cleaning the utensils of the kitchen, accepting and placing the deliveries of the supplies of the restaurant in the kitchen, removing any obstruction such as any broken glass from the public domain, removing and replacing the tablecloth and chairs for new customers, etc.
  2. Executive Chefs - It is one of the most high-profile jobs in the hotel management industry. The role of an executive chef ( Head cook ) is to supervise the functionalities inside the kitchen. They are responsible for directly handling the kitchen staff and help them in food preparation. Some other tasks include checking the freshness of food, monitoring food safety standards in the kitchen, designing the menu, and train the junior chefs.
  3. Floor Supervisor - It is a middle management position that involves the leadership of managing responsibilities such as deposition of money, handling customers if they have any query, and delegating tasks to other employees under the supervision of their manager. These are especially employed by casinos, hotels, cruise ships, and restaurants which have a shop floor.
  4. Front office manager - A front office manager is among the senior-most personnel in the hotel management industry. The role of the front office manager is to allocate work to other employees, maintaining the reputation of the hotel, purchase office materials, and manage the office accounts. To become a front office manager, you should acquire good communication skills (oral/written) besides the basic qualifications.
  5. Food and Beverage Manager - A food and beverage manager dealings with the catering department of any hotel. Their task is to organize, control and provide catering facilities to the customers. The catering facilities can be endorsed from a range of small dining arrangements to huge party establishments. They are also responsible for the storage and rotation of food and beverage stock, staff training, service, and quality check, and financial reporting.
  6. Marketing & Sales Manager - They play a vital role in providing financial assistance to an organization. This can work by interpersonal interaction, telephone calls, and networking with the clients in order to bring money for the hotel they are working for. The fundamental tasks of a marketing & sales manager involve recruiting, counseling, and training of employees, achieving sales and market targets as well as calculation and analysis of annual sales data. To acquire this job, you should have good communication skills, a better understanding of people, and other creative skills.  
  7. Restaurant and Food Service Manager - A Restaurant and Food Service Manager manage the catering department of any hotel. They are responsible for the storage and management of furniture, paper, utensils and other things related to dining. They also perform other functionalities such as preparation of payroll, managing the taxes of hotels,s, and other administrative tasks. This job requires the manager to deal with customers and provide them with complete satisfaction with the food catering services.

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