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Online Courses & Classes - List of Online Courses & Classes - Check Courses Details, Syllabus, Career & Scope

09 Dec,2020


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Online Courses and Classes: Online courses are gaining huge popularity in recent times as they help the student to gain new knowledge and highlight their career with added skills and expertise. Online courses are extremely convenient for the students as they can study from the comforts of their homes and are saved from commuting hassles.

The Online courses and classes are advantageous as they require minimum resources like a computer and a speedy internet connection. Online training is of short duration as compared to the regular classes as a result of which the students can complete the modules within a minimum time frame.

Online courses and classes are extremely pocket-friendly and cost much less than regular classroom sessions. This proves to be extremely beneficial for those students who cannot afford regular classroom-based courses. These courses are also useful for small-sized companies who want to train their employees on a restricted budget.

Online Courses and Classes for 10th & 12th:

Online courses and classes for the 10th, 12th can be either a Diploma, certificate, or a Graduation course. The duration of these courses varies depending upon the course. Diploma and Certificate courses are of much lesser duration than the Degree courses.

The course that the aspirant wants to take up depends upon his/her area of interest.

Let us now check some popular online courses and classes for 10th, 12th which will help the aspirants to add new skills and expertise:

Graphic Designing

  • Course Particulars: Used for different media houses, publishing companies, web development, and web designing companies
  • Course Curriculum: Structure and color of objects, 3D Geometry, History of graphics, Visual scripting, Computer-generated graphics & Animation, and web design
  • Career Prospects: Graphic designer, Art Director, Illustrator, Layout artist, 2D or 3D Animator


  • Course Particulars: Javascript, PHP, Python, C++, Objective C, Ruby, Visual Basic
  • Course Curriculum: Javascript allows multiple coding, C++ used in system software, application software, and video games, PHP is a scripting language used in Facebook and WordPress
  • Career Prospects: Software Developer, Computer Analyst, Systems Developer, Computer Programmer, Database Administrator

Foreign Language Course

  • Course Particulars: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian
  • Course Curriculum: Language proficiency, Interactive and communication skills, Team spirit
  • Career Prospects: Foreign language translator, Professors, Interpreters, Embassy workers

Human Resource Management

  • Course Particulars: Manage the employees of an organization, Employee benefits program, Coordinator and supervisor of support staff, Maintenance of disciplinary procedures
  • Course Curriculum: Keep an organization productive by hiring trained employees, Management of human resources, Mediate disputes, Handling interdisciplinary procedures
  • Career Prospects: Human resource expert, Human Resource Professional, Developmental Manager, Employee Education Consultant


  • Course Particulars: Creative ability, Eye for detail, Intelligent and curious
  • Course Curriculum: How cameras work, Shooting in real-life scenarios, Editing of photos, Long exposure photography, Low light photography, Smartphone photography, DSLR photography
  • Career Prospects: Press photographers, Commercial photographers, Event photographers, Freelance Photographers, Scientific photographers

Creative Writing

  • Course Particulars: Learning to communicate effectively, Improvement of English proficiency, The building of good vocabulary
  • Course Curriculum: Grammar, Reading comprehension, Speaking skills, Critical Analysis, Ability to research from multiple sites
  • Career Prospects: Online and offline publishing portals, Newspapers, Magazines

Social Media Marketing

  • Course Particulars: Using social media to transform business, Create a social media strategy to grow customers
  • Course Curriculum: Developing a social media strategy, Monitoring social media, Extending reach on social media, Social media advertising, and ROI.
  • Career Prospects: Social media marketing Manager, Social media Marketing Executive, Social Media Analyst

Big Data Course

  • Course Particulars: Working on real-life cases, Gaining in-depth knowledge of Big Data and Hadoop
  • Course Curriculum: Understanding Hadoop ecosystem, Distributions of Hadoop, Features of Hadoop, MapReduce Framework of Hadoop
  • Career Prospects: Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Data Scientist

Mobile Application Development Course

  • Course Particulars: Understand iOS platform, Create Mobile development service, Learn responsive web design
  • Course Curriculum: Design, coding, and testing of mobile application Designing mobile applications for the audience Storing data with mobile apps, Analysis of the development of mobile apps
  • Career Prospects: Android and iPhone developer, Software developer, Hybrid Mobile Application Developer

Film Making Course

  • Course Particulars: Work in film studios, Work in Advertising agencies, Work in production houses
  • Course Curriculum: Direction, Animation, Photography, Administrative and Communication skills
  • Career Prospects: Producer, Cinematographer, Animator, Technician, Soundman, Screenplay writer, Actor

From the above table, the students can get an idea of the online courses and classes for the 10th, 12th, and their career prospects. The above training will not only help the students gain new expertise but also help them upgrade their career prospects.

Certificate, Diploma, and Graduation Courses:

There are several Certificate, Diploma, and Graduation courses that the students can opt for after they finish their Class 10th or Class 12th Examinations. These online courses are very helpful for the career of the students as they will learn added skills and build enhanced career prospects by gaining knowledge and hands-on training.

The main benefit of the online Certificate, Diploma and Graduation courses is that most of the courses are offered for a short duration of time and cost much less than the regular courses. Also, the students applying for these courses will get easily accessible learning material and assignments.

The Online Certificate, Diploma, and Graduation courses are also flexible in terms of learning pace. The students can learn from the comforts of their home and in their own free time.

Let us now check some popular Online Certificate, Diploma and Degree Courses:

Online Certificate Courses:

  • Data Science Professional Certificate
  • Machine Learning Certificate
  • Montessori Elementary Level Certificate course
  • Trends forecasting and Analysis Certificate Course
  • Cybersecurity Management Certificate
  • Certificate Course on Business Management
  • Certificate course in criminal psychology
  • Leadership and Management Certificate
  • Risk management Certificate
  • International Business Management Certificate

Online Diploma Courses:

  • Online Graduate Diploma in law
  • Diploma in Sports and Science
  • Diploma in quality and productivity
  • Diploma in financial planning
  • Diploma in Global Business Management
  • Diploma in Education
  • Diploma in Computer Science
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in leadership for digital transformation
  • Diploma in Maritime Shipping
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Diploma in Graphic Design and Interactive Media
  • Diploma in Visual Effects for Film and Television
  • Diploma in Project Management
  • Diploma in Business

Online Graduation courses:

  • B.Sc IT
  • B.Sc Multimedia and Graphics
  • B.SC Fashion Designing
  • B.A Advertising and Mass Communication
  • B.A Journalism and Mass Communication
  • B.Sc Biochemistry
  • B.Sc Biotechnology
  • BCA
  • Bachelor of Library Sciences
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • B.A Sociology
  • B.A Economics
  • B.A Urdu
  • B.A General
  • B.A Sanskrit

Student’s Key to Online Courses and Classes:

Online courses and classes are very useful for the students in terms of flexibility and low costs. The Online courses come with several advantages that help the student to gather knowledge and gain skills.

However the online training comes with its share of challenges and the students key to online courses and online classes is that the student should first learn about the different aspects of the course for example- whether the course is completely online, what modules are taught in the course, learning environment, duration of the course, flexibility options in completing the course, etc.

The first and foremost student’s key to online courses and online classes is that the student should enroll in a Beginner’s program to check whether they are well prepared to enroll in a full-fledged online course.

Below are given the student’s keys to online courses and classes that will help them to complete the online course on time and make sure that they succeed:

Time Management Skills:

This is the most important aspect of Online Courses. Though the course is set in self-paced mode, the student should learn all the modules, listen to the online lectures, attend doubt clearing sessions and submit assignments on time. A student who lags behind the schedule may find it difficult to finish the course. Checking the syllabus beforehand, being organized, and making a timetable will help the student achieve his/her goals easily.

Technical Skills:

Basic technical skills are a prerequisite for students who want to opt for an online course. The students should be familiar with the use of word processing, Microsoft excel, creating files, downloading software, and doing research work from the internet. Online courses do not teach basic computer skills, so it is better than the student learn these skills beforehand. This will help them to complete the online course without facing any technical hurdles.

Communication Skills:

While taking an online program, the student should have effective communication skills. These skills will help the students to attend group discussions, doubt clearing sessions, and online chats related to the course. Since the instructors are teaching online, the student should know how to show courtesy and respect to the teachers and not speak to them in a formal tone.

Effective typing Skills:

Online classes require good typing skills for the candidate as they have to submit assignments and quizzes on a daily basis. It is recommended that the students practice typing on their computers before the online classes start. This will not only increase their speed but also make them accustomed to writing several documents in a single day.

Independent Studying Skills:

A Candidate who is taking an online course should have the maturity to study independently by creating a favorable environment around him/her. The student should refrain from engaging in online games, unnecessary internet surfing, or chat sessions that are not related to the course. The study conditions should be favorable with proper lighting, correct posture maintained by the student, and comfortable chairs which will help to concentrate on the online classes and prevent any distractions.

The most important students' key to online courses and classes is the internal motivation, peace of mind, and the spirit that will help them to complete the training program successfully.

Online Classes for 10th Students:

Online classes for 10th students have become extremely popular as many aspirants want to learn new skills after their Class 10 Boards and dive into the professional world. The students can take up the online courses based on their area of interest.

The Online class for 10th students can be either a Diploma course or a Certificate. Usually, the duration of these courses is less and can be completed within a time frame of a few weeks to 2 years.

Given below are some of the in-demand Online Classes for 10th students:

Courses Name Courses Duration Institutes Course Details
Diploma in Food and Beverage Management 1 year GESTO Culinary and Hospitality Academy Introduction to Food and Beverage control
Implementing control systems
Information from control systems
Revenue from food and beverage management
Diploma in Cyber Law 6 months Asian School of Cyber laws Fundamentals of Cyber Law
Legal issues and e-commerce
Issues of Intellectual property
Digital evidence of Cyber Crime
Diploma in Sound Engineering 1 year Bridge Academy for Media studies Introduction to sounds
Monitors and Amplifiers
Signal processing
Analog mixer
Broadcast technology
Advanced Diploma in Graphic Designing 3 years Creative Institute Graphic principles and methods of design
Introduction to Computer Animation
Digital publishing
Visual communication
Diploma in Computer Application 1 year ACLM Institute of Professional studies Computer fundamentals
Computer Mathematics
Java programming
C++ and oracle lab
Data structures
Visual programming
Diploma in Computer Education 1 Year ACLM Institute of professional studies Introduction to Computers
Database development and technical writing
Software Design and Engineering
Web designing
System Analysis and Design
Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering 1 year GESTO Culinary and Hospitality Academy Food production and patisserie
Food and beverage services
Accommodation operations
Diploma in Fashion Designing and Cloth Technology 1 year Academy of Textile Designing and Development( AFTT) Origin and Evolution of fashion
Relation of fashion to art
Meaning of fashion designing
Concepts of illustration
Characteristics of profile outlet
Diploma in Textile Designing and Development 1 year Academy of Textile Designing and Development( AFTT) Meaning of Textile Design
Meaning of Fibre
Meaning of fabric furnish
Basic elements of Design
Different parts of the loom
Classification of Fabric
Chemicals applied to a fabric
Quality Control of fabric
Diploma in Accountancy 1 Year ACLM Institute of Professional Studies Concepts, Types, and rules of accounting
Limitations of manual Accounting
Computerized accounting
Features and predefined areas of tally
Online Courses & Classes for 12th Students:

There are several online classes for 12th students which could be either full-time or part-time. The students who are interested in upskilling their credentials with new areas of expertise will be benefited from these courses.

The Online Classes for 12th students are based on case studies courses and help the students to gain knowledge and practical skill-based experience. These online courses are usually of shorter duration than the regular courses and the course fees are reasonable.

Given below are popular online classes for 12th students that are either Diploma, Certificate, or Degree courses:

Courses Name Courses Duration Courses Fees
Social Media marketing 6 months to 1 year INR 20000 to INR 1Lac
Data Analysis Course 1 year to 3 years INR 50000 to INR 2 Lac
Computer Programming course 6 months to 1 year INR 20000 to 1 Lac
App Development course 6 months to 1 Year INR 20000 to 1 Lac
Human Resource Management course 1 year INR 10000 to INR 50000
Creative writing course 1 year INR 10000 to INR 80000
Photography course 1 year to 3 years INR 5000 to INR 80000
Language course 6 months to 1 year INR 20000 to 1 Lac
Graphic Designing course 1 to 3 years INR 10000 to INR 50000

Online Courses & Classes for Diploma Students:

Online Classes for Diploma students are short-term courses usually having a duration of 1 to 2 years. These courses are very useful for the students as the students learn professional skills that will boost their credentials.

The Online Classes for Diploma students can be studied at the own pace of the students in the Distance mode. The fees of these courses are much less than the regular courses and the students who have completed their Class 10th or Class 12th Board Exams can apply for this course.

Given below are the Online Classes for Diploma students:

Diploma Courses Courses Duration Courses Description
Diploma in fashion designing 2 years Learn the basics of sketching and designing to start your own fashion brand
Diploma in Digital Content Marketing 12 weeks Create Digital content to improve user engagement and promote brand value
Diploma in Business Administration 1 year Explore dynamic marketing environment and learn marketing strategy and financial accounting
Diploma in Psychology 1 year Factors that affect human development, human behavior, memory, and personality
Diploma in Value investing 2 months Corporate decision-making and investing techniques. Gain knowledge in value investing
Diploma in Search Marketing 30 hours Search engine marketing techniques. Learning to use Google Adwords and PPC marketing
Diploma in Blockchain 1 year Fundamental concepts of coding and industry-specific use of Blockchain Technology
Diploma in Business Management Self-paced Acquire Business Management qualification and apply for undergraduate programs in Business Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management 16 months Use of data in areas of management like Sales, Marketing, and Finance
Diploma in Women Empowerment and Development 1 year to 4 years Offer training to development workers on gender-related issues
Online Courses & Classes for Graduation Students:

There are several online Classes for Graduation students that will help them to chart a successful career path. These online training are very suitable for the students as they need not travel to physical classrooms and can opt for the courses from the comforts of their home.

Online Classes for Graduation students can be part-time or full-time. The students can apply for the courses depending upon their availability and areas of interest. The eligibility criteria for these courses are minimum, that is the students have to pass the Class 12 Board exams with qualifying marks.

 The students who apply for the training gain valuable information from the course and also become well equipped with online learning tools. The Online Classes for Graduation students are in the field of Arts, Science and Commerce and the student can apply for the course program based on his/her area of interest.

Given below are Online Classes for Graduation students in the field of Arts, Science, and Commerce:

S.No Course Name Course Duration Course Fees
1 B.A (Hons) Sociology 3 years INR 28656
2 Bachelor of Social Work 3 years INR 30931
3 B.Com in International  Business and Finance 3 years INR 73860
4 B.Com in Information System and Management 3 years INR 86180
5 B.Com in SAP FICO 3 years INR 67700
6 B.Tech in Power Engineering 4 years INR 95400
7 BTech in Software Engineering 4 years INR 90780
8 B.Sc in Interior Design 3 years INR 98500
9 Bachelor in Fashion Technology 3 years INR 101580
10 Bachelor of Occupational therapy 3 years INR 60000
Online Classes & Certification Courses:

Online Classes for Certificate courses provide in-depth knowledge and skills to the students. These courses also upgrade the career of the students by adding areas of expertise to their resumes.

Online Classes for Certificate courses are offered in different areas and make the candidates eligible for well-paid job opportunities in both Government and Private sectors. The course modules for online classes for Certificate courses cover the subjects extensively and also provide industry-relevant case studies. These courses are provided by experts with wide experience and the courses are either provided free of cost or at affordable rates.

Online Certificate courses can be availed by the students after completion of the Class 10th or Class 12th Board exam. After completion of the Certificate course, the student becomes eligible for numerous job opportunities in various fields.

The Online Classes for Certificate courses are in various streams like Arts, Science, Mass Communication, Law, Languages and Information Technology, etc.

Given below are some popular Online Classes for Certificate courses:

S.No. Course Name Course Duration Eligibility Criteria
1 Certificate in Library and Information Science 6 months Class 12 Boards
2 Certificate in home-based healthcare 6 months Class 10 Boards
3 Certificate in Radio Jockeying 1 year Class 12 Boards
4 Certificate in Applied Arts 6 months Class 10 Boards
5 Certificate in Value Education 6 months Class 12 Boards
6 Certificate in Event Management 3 to 6 months Class 12 Boards
7 Certificate in International and Humanitarian Law 6 months Class 12 Boards
8 Certificate in Spoken English 1 year Class 10 Boards
9 Certificate in Accounting 1 month Class 12 Boards
10 Certificate in Environmental Studies 6 months Class 12 Boards
Need to opt for Online Courses & Classes:

Online education is useful for students from different strata of society. It is especially beneficial for those students who cannot take a full-time course due to personal reasons. It is also useful for the candidates who could not finish a course owing to unfavorable circumstances. Working professionals who want to upskill themselves can apply for online courses and classes and finish the training at their own pace.

Let us now see the benefits of the Online Courses and Classes for the 10th, 12th:

Low Cost: Online courses are of much less cost than regular courses. This proves to be extremely useful for the candidate who cannot apply for the regular course due to the high fee structure.

Increased communication opportunities: Online courses help the students to connect with peer groups nationally and internationally. This collaboration proves useful for the student in completing a particular project and getting accustomed to working with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Flexible timings: Online classes and courses can be taken from the comforts of the home. The timings are flexible and in some cases, the students can finish the course at their own pace. The students are also saved from the hassles of daily commuting and can easily prioritize commitments.

Adds new skills: Online courses help the candidate to gain expertise in diverse fields in a short period of time. These short-term courses are not always available as regular classroom programs but can be taken online and with this training, the candidates can gain expertise in specific areas of interest.

Personalized attention from instructors: Online Courses help the students to interact with the instructors effectively because of the low trainer student ratio. Students can clear their doubts and take part in guided discussions with their instructors. This improves the problem-solving skills of the students and helps them to perform well in the exams.


Students who have completed their Class 10th or Class 12th examination and are wondering what to do in the future can enroll in an online course. Online Courses and classes are extremely future friendly for the students as it helps them to shape their career paths with added skills and expertise. Students who are interested in building a professional career after completing their Class 10 or Class 12 examination can opt for online classes based on their areas of interest.

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